Marcy Chu - Email & Web Design

Graphic Design & Digital Design Freelancer

Freelance graphic and digital designer in Los Angeles creating email templates, GIFs, email marketing services & more.


Digital Design Services

Need digital assets for your e-commerce site or blog? My pricing is flexible and no need to commit to an annual agreement or monthly retainer. I would love to learn more about your business and how I can help!

Also currently looking to help start-ups in the giving back space who have design needs pro-bono :)


Email Design

I’ll create custom email designs based on your requirements, design aesthetic and your direction. Don’t have a clue what you want? We’ll chat first so I can get to know your brand and create a design you love.

Email design can be project based or on-going, depending on your needs. No contracts needed :)

For newer brands, add on a style guide (fonts, colors, icons and other assets) you can use in the future to communicate consistent messaging to your audience.


Automated email series

AKA drip campaigns or flows, automated emails are on brand, targeted messages that are emailed automatically when triggered by a specific date, event, or users activity.

Everything from abandoned cart series for e-commerce stores to win-back campaigns for lapsed users.

Not sure what type of automated email series you need? Let’s chat!


Email Templates

Need a template you can use over and over again? I’ll design beautiful email templates in Mailchimp, Klaviyo or your preferred email platform that are customized to fit your brand.

Emails are responsive and optimized for mobile.


Animated gif design

GIFs are one of the only ways to add movement in email campaigns. Adding GIFs to your emails can assist with click through rates and get your audience excited for your message!


ad design

I’ll design your digital ad sets for paid social, retargeting / remarketing and more. Platforms like Criteo, Steelhouse, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin.